Tips how to use symbols in the topics of your email marketing campaign

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   11/11/2017 10:07:00 PM
Tips how to use symbols in the topics of your email marketing campaign
Tips how to use symbols in the topics of your email marketing campaign
Achieving an attractive subject for the emails of an email marketing campaign can be one of the most determining factors to achieve high rates of opening of the emails sent. The subject of an email is that first mouthpiece that allows the recipient to have an idea of ​​what it is and could be a decisive factor in the decision-making process of each individual on whether to open an email immediately, leave it for more late, or just discard it.

Also, each email not only faces the process described above where the potential reader decides whether it is worth reading or not, but also competes with all those emails in a person's inbox, including those framed in email campaigns marketing of other organizations, for a share of attention.

That is why there are many strategies used to try to capture the attention of people and seek to jump to the view of who receives an email. Among these tools, we highlight the use of symbols in subjects to attract the eyes of people and seek to generate greater interest in emails.

#Considerations for using symbols subject email marketing

Like any other aspect of the process of creating an email framed within an email marketing campaign, the use of symbols in the subject should not be a trivial issue. In this sense, it is not only a matter of adding characters that are obvious to the reader, but they should have some logical meaning and their use should not be indiscriminate. In fact, a bad use of the symbols can be counterproductive, reaching to scare people away and avoiding reaching the objectives of the campaign.

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That is why the following tips should be taken into account in order to make an accurate use of the symbols in the subjects of the emails:

1. Use symbols in a measured way

Like any other resource, you should avoid abusing the use of symbols. The symbols must be a complementary element and not the central element of the matter, with which, its use must be moderate. In fact, an email with a subject full of symbols could get confused with an unwanted and discarded email.

2. Relate the symbols with the content of the email

Adding a symbol that has no relation to the content of the email could end up confusing the reader and eliminating their interest in the content. Also, an erratic use of symbols could end up making email too casual for some readers.

Take care of the logical sense, that's why you have to be very careful in the selection of symbols with the content, and more when you are going to use them to replace words with icons.

3. Think about the compatibility

Not all email managers allow the display of icons in the subject of emails. Gmail, Yahoo and most servers allow a visualization, others such as Hotmail and Apple Messages make a compatibility with the icons of their libraries, and some managers such as Outlook and Lotus do not allow them to be seen correctly. With this in mind it is necessary that you wonder very well to whom you will send the mail. If your audience is very corporate and you will send emails to a database of data, which is mostly made up of company emails, it is not advisable to abuse the icons because these emails usually go over Lotus or Outlook.

4. Be careful with the meaning of the symbols

Not all symbols mean the same to everyone, so you have to be careful when selecting the symbols you will use, research well if what you are trying to say is universal or corresponds only to a certain group.

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