Sales of gasoline vehicles already exceed diesel in Europe

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   10/02/2017 05:55:00 PM
Sales of gasoline vehicles already exceed diesel in Europe

The European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) recently published in a report that sales of gasoline-powered vehicles in the Europe of 15 have already surpassed those of diesel vehicles during the first half of this year, and for the first time since 2009.

While sales of gasoline cars have increased by 10% in the first six months of the year and those of diesel vehicles have decreased by 4%, are the so-called alternative vehicles (hybrids, plug-ins, electric, LPG ...) which (more than 35%), although they still account for only 5.2% of total market sales.

The market share of diesel cars in Europe (EU-15) has dropped to 46.3% from 50.2% last year, and that decline is even greater compared to the 55% market share. which enjoyed the diesel in 2012. In absolute figures, compared to last year have been registered 152,323 diesel cars less in the old continent.

Sales of gasoline vehicles already exceed diesel in Europe

Gasoline cars already account for 48.5% of the total European market, an increase of almost three points compared to 2016, a year in which the share was 45.8%. What does it mean in absolute terms? As we have sold 328,615 vehicles fueled by gasoline more than last year.

The tailpipe of the so-called Dieselgate and the plans of various European cities such as Paris or Athens to shut down the center's traffic to these types of cars because of their high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) are some of the reasons slope of the diesel.

According to the ACEA, this change of trend towards gasoline vehicles means that for Europe it will be more difficult to achieve the objectives of reducing CO2 emissions. Only the drive of alternative vehicles by the institutions would help this end.

"More measures are needed to drive vehicles powered by alternative energies, such as applying incentives and creating refueling infrastructures across Europe," says ACEA Secretary General Erik Jonnaert.

Sales of gasoline vehicles already exceed diesel in Europe

Despite their growth, hybrid vehicles (+ 58% compared to 2016) account for only 2.6% of the total European market, while pure cars (+ 37%) are only 1.3% of total enrollments. However, the big automakers already announce fully hybrid ranges in the 

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