2018 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   10/25/2017 05:34:00 PM
2018 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

It seemed that the flagship renovation of the Golden Wing house was never going to come, but here is finally the new Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. It is a completely renovated model that, while maintaining the identity of the legendary tourist concept at its best, breaks with what is established in what may be the biggest change of course since it was born in 1975 and went from being a naked to a Gran Turismo.

The new Gold Wing looks much more modern and modern, but it is completely redesigned to look much lighter and a battalion of novelties under its body that affect both mechanics and technology and dynamic behavior. Come on, that of the previous Gold Wing only the name remains.

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing, the non-combustible icon

And we do not say it for saying, it's true. The changes affect the whole set of the bike that starting at the first glance is already in sight. The body leaves an excessively large style to become a bike that looks more slender, but at the same time imposing, more compact.

Honda Gold Wing

Although the body is shorter, the air flow has been studied to the maximum, both the hot to be evacuated from the engine and the cold from which the driver has to be protected for a pleasant journey to the maximum. The large screen of the previous model is now replaced by a lower electric regulation (at height and inclination) shorter but that protects even better when placing closer to the occupants.

The flat and angular lines, in addition to the more dynamic stamping are enhanced by the use of a light composed entirely of LED. The front indicators are located in the mirrors and have automatic shutdown function, not by time, but by the behavior of the wheels, detecting when we performed the maneuver we were indicating.

According to the brand, the total load capacity now rises to what we may need for a route of two or three days that can be complemented with the inclusion of the tail trunk (with button opening or proximity sensor) of the Tour versions where they fit two integrals that adds together the luggage a total of 110 liters of cargo.

In the interior of the fuel tank now travel 21 liters of gasoline, 4 liters less than before that will not be needed because homologates a consumption much lower of 5.6 liters to 100 km thanks to the better aerodynamics and the lower weight.

The classic six cylinder engine opposite and perpendicular to the gear of 1,833 cc becomes even smoother including four valves per cylinder in its Unicam cylinder heads instead of the previous two. Its figures are 125 horses at 5,500 rpm and an excellent torque of 170 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

Their internal dimensions have been changed with a smaller diameter and a somewhat longer stroke, in addition the position of the cylinders has been changed, decentrating them slightly with respect to the crankshaft and with liners of aluminum cylinders. The combustion chambers have also been changed to optimize the flow of gases.

The changes continue with a stronger and shorter crankshaft, electronic throttle, a single injection body, double exhaust parallel to the ground, starter / generator ... Everything has been redesigned to achieve in addition to a more refined operation and lower consumption , a weight 6.2 kg lower only in the engine.

Complementing the engine we can choose for the first time between a conventional six-speed gearbox with anti-rebound clutch or a new generation of the DCT double-clutch seven-speed, softer and more comfortable. Among the new features of the DCT now includes a Walking Mode that can move the bike at 1.8 km / h forward or 1.2 km / h behind to facilitate parking operations.

Starting with the new double girder chassis made from aluminum cast, the new Honda Gold Wing puts the engine in a more advanced position to improve its behavior, but the most interesting of all is that optimizing the thickness of the structure has been achieved between the chassis and rocker you save a whopping 20 kg.

Another significant change is the use of a new Hossack type front fork (double deformable parallelogram) that replaces the previous telescopic and separates the steering and suspension operation, without the stability is affected by the bumps. In the rear train is complemented by a new Pro-Arm shock absorber that attaches to the chassis on the left side. Both are regulated electronically.

A powerful brake equipment is also reinforced in 2018 with two 320-millimeter front discs bit by six-piston calipers and radial anchor and a 316-mm disc and three-piston caliper on the rear axle, both fitted with a new ABS adjustable with Dual-CBS.

In total, the weight of the new Honda GL1800 Gold Wing is 365 kg in running order, 379 kg in the Tour finish and 383 kg for the version with DCT change and airbag, staying well below the 413 kg of the model previous.

Technology at the height of a myth

Technology as it could not be otherwise is another of the key pieces in the Honda banner. Along with the VFR, the Gold Wing have always been the most pampered bikes of the Japanese factory, so it opens an unprecedented technological compendium.

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

In front of the driver stands an instrumentation with two premises: luxury and modernity. Two analog spheres with a large 7-inch color digital TFT screen in the center through which to control all the parameters of the bike that comes alive by pressing the new three-dimensional emblem of the bike thanks to the proximity key.

Idling Stop system, slope start assist, four driving modes (Tour, Sport, Econ and Rain), Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), C-ABS combined braking system, suspension settings , all kinds of travel information, automatic brightness adjustment, Apple CarPlay connectivity, Bluetooth, USB, refined and smooth cruising control, full audio equipment (with passenger control), navigation ... Absolutely everything you may need on a trip.

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