The incredible and alternative world of the European Truck Championships

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   10/10/2017 11:15:00 PM
European Truck Championships

The European Truck Championship is perhaps one of the most curious of the International Automobile Federation under its mandate. Not only for the trucks that fight the victories in every appointment and impress anyone, but for being a Championship where the drivers are not like Formula 1 or the WRC, nor the boxes are like the ones we are accustomed to see - They would not fit! - and neither is the environment the same.

In the ETRC, acronyms by which the championship is known, is a great party in which men and women of all ages have room. Anyone who has a compliant truck and a team of mechanics around, plus the money it takes to complete a season paying for tires, transportation, salaries ... you can sign up for some European test and in fact, it's not strange to find to amateur pilots sharing track with professionals.

One of the first surprises that a person takes when arriving at a circuit for the first time are evidently the weapons that the pilots have. Many wonder where are the trailers and others why some have a "tractor" of one type and others of another. With nose and without nose.

In fact, that is the main hallmark of one of the teams involved in the Championship. The Buggyra team's trucks have since the beginning of the ETRC as such struggling to win with their Freightliner, a maker of Daimler, also Mercedes owner.

The first victories of the team arrived between 2007 and 2009 with Markus Bösiger and David Vrsecky. This year, they have managed to climb back to the top and the Drivers' Championship with Adam Lacko. A Czech driver who after having tried his luck in karting, GT and even the World Touring Car Championship gave the definitive leap to the trucks in 2011.

Pilots of all types

Unlike in other categories, the age and physical form of the pilots is not the most important. With this we are not saying that the pilots are not prepared - because it looks if you have to be to move those bugs - but because despite the years pass, the best continue to give the callus in each race.

On the grid of the season just ended there were five drivers who had won the Championship: Jochen Hahn, Norbert Kiss, Gerhard Körber, David Vrsecky and Antonio Albacete, the Spanish hero in the category, with three titles to his credit.

The Madrilenian driver has won the favor of the whole public after thirteen years competing with his truck. Last season had to be left out for lack of budget after the departure of its main sponsor, but in 2017 has returned with the team TruckSport Bernau.

With two victories in the Jarama, the fifty-two-year-old has managed to finish the season in fifth position and is already looking for support to be able to stay one more year in the category ... if possible, with chances to fight for him title.

Taking a look at the grill you also come across another surprise. Although it should not be in the XXI century, to see a woman in a competition like this draws much attention. Stephanie Halm is a German rider who not only contests the Championship but this season has managed to take three important victories that have augured him to the fourth position of the European.

Orlando, a star of the Jarama

One of the star drivers of the GP Truck in the Jarama is Orlando Rodríguez Ruiz. Owner of a company specialized in cleaning and cleaning of pipes, septic tanks, sludge ... every year for these times is registered for this test.

The results are the least. The important thing is to get on track and delight the public. In fact, their tops in front of the stands are already a milestone that all the fans expect every year. The objective is to live the experience with the fans and enjoy the moment together with those who are disputing the great results. And it's not the only one.

More than 27,000 spectators approached the last weekend until the Circuit of the Jarama where the 31º edition of the GP Truck of Spain was disputed. It is the biggest event of the year for the Madrid circuit and nobody wants to miss it.

With the season already finalized the teams have collected the bribles and already prepare for the year that is to arrive. We have already started our particular countdown to re-tread the Jarama within a year.

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