Uber wants Travis Kalanick to give up all his powers

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/30/2017 11:06:00 PM

The founder of the world's most controversial transport company does not want to see him in painting. Former Uber president Travis Kalanick has been embroiled in all kinds of polemics that have forced him to resign. In June Kalanick resigned from his post after pressure from shareholders, but remained on the board.

Now, as reported by Reuters, a venture capital firm with powers at Uber has sued the former CEO to force him to withdraw from the company's board for "hiding a range of board misdeeds and intrigues to retain power in the company. company "even after resigning. They want him outside, but well outside.

Uber, who is in search of a new CEO and other top executives, has seen how his leaders have gradually gone before a crisis that has included all kinds of controversies: from denunciations of sexual harassment, discrimination, sexism, controversial #DeleteUber campaign, his war with Waymo, to the sound and heated discussion of Travis Kalanick with a driver of his service.

Jeff Jones, who was president for six months, filed his resignation in May for failing to see future in the company.


One of Uber's senior employees, former Kalanick ally and chief operating officer, Ryan Graves, yesterday announced his resignation to focus on his role as director of the board.

Kalanick's march came after a mountain of personal problems and pressures, which even after his departure did not seem to end. And is that the venture capital firm Benchmark Capital, investor in Uber, wants him to retire from the board and resign from the positions he has in the board. May he renounce everything, basically.

The lawsuit, which you can see here, accuses Kalanick of hiding "a range of council misdeeds and intrigues" to retain power in the company even after being forced to resign as Uber's chief executive. The lawsuit also describes a series of misconduct, embezzlement and movements to "increase their power for their own benefit."

According to Benchmark Capital, Kalanick self-adjudicated one of three seats on the board after his departure from the company and breached the contract and its fiduciary duties. All this to pave, supposedly the way back to the company. But it all points out that this will not happen.

The plaintiff seeks a court order to block Kalanick's right to appoint new directors, saying he had agreed to waive those rights when he left office at the company. He has also requested that any activity on the board be banned by the former CEO.

The Silicon Valley investor who filed the lawsuit was one of Uber's first investors, and according to the lawsuit he owns 13% of Uber and controls 20% of the voting power.

Kalanick has stated that the lawsuit is rife with lies and false accusations; an attempt to strip him of his rights as founder and shareholder.

At the moment the former CEO of Uber has work this summer, trying to recover what they want to take away and advising next to Elon Musk to the president of the United States, Doland Trump. The objective? To improve the business climate in the first power, share experiences, knowledge, and make recommendations for the United States to be attractive to companies

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