The iPhone X starts the era of super high-end mobiles: exclusive and very expensive

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/20/2017 11:30:00 PM
iPhone X

Do you know what is better than a 1,000 euro mobile? A mobile of 1,400 euros. That is precisely what costs the iPhone X in its version of 256 GB if we also include the service Apple Care. That suddenly opens a new segment within the mobile phone, one that leaves behind the traditional high range and turns the iPhone X into the first device that can boast absolute exclusivity. Not in performance, eye, because once again everything you do on the iPhone X you can do it (perhaps worse) on a 200 euros mobile phone. Exclusivity marks the price, and Apple is a master at this.

The iPhone was born with that same halo of exclusivity, and that allowed Apple to put a label with a high price for each of its smartphones. IPhones have been growing in performance - the fantastic review on the fifteen iPhone models of our colleague Kote Puerto proves it - but also in its launch price, although always within certain margins.

The problem is that this exclusivity gradually lost its practical sense. When the first iPhone appeared, there was no other device comparable in usability for example, and Apple was able to maintain that competitive advantage thanks to an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4 in which the App Store or the Retina display continued to make a difference with with respect to competition.

These differences were diluted, and over time the exclusivity of the iPhone ceased to have that clear justification it had in the past. Other manufacturers began to do very well, Android matured and even the remarkable cameras of the iPhone ended up being matched and surpassed by those installed in competing mobile. The iPhone was still exclusive in price, but was not (as much) in benefits. Apple needed to move tab.

Is the iPhone X so differential to cost 1,159 euros?

The moment for that movement has been optimally chosen: at Apple have taken advantage of the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone to create a different version in design, which incorporates important differences with respect to their traditional iPhone and especially want to justify their entry into the terrain of super high-end smartphones.

He achieves it? The feature sheet is certainly noteworthy, but the two obvious differences over the high-end models (now completely overshadowed by the iPhone X) are its frameless screen and the new face recognition technology, Face ID. Of those two differences, in fact, the one focused on Face ID has that one: it may not end up being better than the famous Touch ID that has worked so well for years.

That makes design - once again - the only letter Apple wants to differentiate the most expensive and exclusive mobile phone in its history. Everything you can do with the iPhone X you can do with an iPhone 8 or an iPhone Plus just as well.

There is no denying that the iPhone X is a phone call, but even with that spec sheet we are seeing how your competitors offer many of those advantages at clearly lower prices. And yet those mobiles do not reach the price that has put Apple to its top of the range, so why is the iPhone X the first of the phones of that super high range?

For a single reason: because it can. The user experience and attention to detail is fantastic at Apple and remains a differential factor in their mobiles, but we could also say the same of many current high-end mobile phones (and not so high range, at least in price), by which even in that section of which so much speak the responsible of Apple things are not so clear.

Mobile has become a commodity, a product that is already accessible to all audiences, but as with clothes or cars, there is an element that goes beyond performance or design. As in these markets, in the end, the image and perception we have of a product has as much or more than its quality or its real performance. The argument is "since I spend money" - and everyone can spend what they want, which is theirs - "I spend it at the top of the range because it sure is better than the rest."

And what Apple gets is precisely: that we perceive that the iPhone X has to cost 1,400 euros. Although not worth it. Although no cell phone worth it. What madness.

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