Now you can share Spotify music with your iMessage app

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/30/2017 10:06:00 PM
Spotify music

With all the whirlwind generated by the keynote, we just realized a very interesting novelty. Spotify updated its iOS app with functionality that may not be the most anticipated, but it does open the door to other more important. This is a version of the app for iMessage, with which we can share songs with our contacts.

With this update, Spotify will appear in the iMessage apps drawer. When we select it, a search engine will appear in which we can type the song that we want and then share it with an iMessage contact. That person will receive a fragment of the song that you can listen to for 30 seconds.

As reported in MacRumors, it is a much faster method than the equivalent Apple Music app. Apple's service only shows songs recently played to share, so we'll have to go to the app, find the song, play it and then go to iMessage to share it. Of course, when we do we will be sending the whole song and not just half a minute.

Spotify is the service that popularized the listening of music in streaming and that jumped to the iPhone when it had opportunity almost ten years ago. Since then and after the introduction of Apple Music, the European company has not fully exploited the possibilities of expansion in the Apple ecosystem.

iPad, CarPlay and iMessage are the company's efforts outside the iPhone, leaving aside a version for Apple Watch and Apple TV. There are no official plans for the development of both apps, so users will have to wait to enjoy Spotify in the gym or in the living room natively.

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