2017 Nokia 3310 returns with 3G and more memory but WhatsApp is still the great absent

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/28/2017 11:13:00 PM
Nokia 3310 returns with 3G

No one expected that in the MWC 2017 the protagonist was a Nokia, let alone a Nokia 3310. The Finnish company pulled nostalgia and presented us with a renovated 3310 that kept the essence of the mythical phone more than a decade ago. Although the limitations were set to purpose (it's a feature phone after all), something unforgivable was the absence of 3G. Nokia has decided to release a new model with more memory, some customization and finally 3G connectivity.

The new terminal comes half a year after the model with 2G, is 13% larger to improve ergonomics and has a new model in light blue that replaces gray. Inside we find an improvement in memory, which goes from 16 MB to 64 MB. In addition to this and a slight customization of the interface, there are no further changes from the previous model.

The Nokia 3310 comes with Java based operating system, and even though we already had Java apps from Facebook, Twitter, Skype or Opera previously, it was frustrating to use them with 2G connections. In the new Nokia 3310 with 3G this is fixed, but the great missing is still WhatsApp, which does not have (or seems to do) app in Java.

Nokia 3310 returns with 3G
3G connection means more speed, but also more battery consumption than 2G. The new terminal reduces its autonomy in calls of the 22.1 hours of the previous model to the 6.5 hours. Luckily in standby the new model will last up to 27 days.

The new Nokia 3310 with 3G will hit the market worldwide in mid-October in two versions: with a SIM and dual SIM. Its price increases slightly, goes from 59 euros to 69 euros. For the features it offers or simply out of sheer nostalgia, the Nokia 3310 with 3G perfectly meets that price.

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