Nokia 3310 disconnecting people a week with him as main phone

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/28/2017 11:30:00 PM
Nokia 3310 disconnecting people

The touchdown was not enough to tell you all about the new Nokia 3310 edition 2017. I've been using it as the main phone for a week. Hello, slow movement, goodbye WhatsApp and modern life.

The first day, and now what?

I do not consider myself a person especially attached to the mobile. I do not usually take it out of my pocket beyond occasional occasions (increase or decrease volume, answer a call, find a location in Google Maps or Citymapper, etc.) and, therefore, the idea of ​​using a Nokia 3310 2017 as main device does not it seemed crazy. Until I got the SIM card and the microSD and I saved my S7 in a drawer.

Communicating with a connected world through WhatsApp and Facebook (and Telegram at best) becomes especially complicated with this Nokia. Yes, it has official application of Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, but the 2G connection just installed a rule in the brain: it is as if they did not exist. You end up getting the idea that if you need anything, you should call.

Sending an SMS is an alternative, yes, but the first day I realized that it is not very useful. Whoever receives the message ends up writing for WhatsApp to answer you. By the time I see it, (usually at night, when I get home, I turn on the computer and I connect WhatsApp Web for something important) what I ask or need would no longer make much sense.

Another added problem: the phone was not able to import contacts from my SIM card. If I needed to call someone, I had two options: to know their memory number or to look at it in Contacts within Gmail (at a rate of 2G). Sure, I tried importing contacts from within Gmail itself, but there was no way. Again, he would have to wait to get home after the workday to fix it. Once there I took the S7 from the drawer, I put my SIM card and I passed bluetooth contacts to Nokia:

Now yes, I have the contacts tucked into the Nokia, I have reviewed the social networks and WhatsApp and the world continues as this morning. I must admit that not having that immediate connection with the world made me uneasy, although now that I have the agenda of contacts within I think it will make me feel less hermit.

First world problems?

They say the hardest thing to start doing something new is just that, to start, so I thought that after the first day everything was going to go round. Well, no.

It's early morning, early. I go to the subway to go to work. It will take me half an hour to get there, so I take the Nokia out of my pocket to answer several emails. I usually have the feeling of going unnoticed in the car, but this Nokia is a magnet of looks.

Some laugh, others look in disbelief and others whisper to whoever goes with them "look at that Nokia". In fact, there was a day that a boy from afar shouted "what love!". This does not bother me, I follow mine. The problem comes when "mine" is transformed into having to open Snake so you do not have to go looking at the ceiling. If the 2G connection is slow, the metro is more and responding to emails is not a good idea. Then I remembered that I had the microSD card with music inside or I could listen to the radio, so I booked that time for the ride home. You have to savor the little pleasures of life (Spotify Web, by the way, does not work).

I get to the office, I find the Wi-Fi, the world and its maelstrom. The worst days were those that had to leave the office for a press conference or a meeting. You are clear where you have to go, but many times not how you have to arrive or not memorize the entire route. That's what applications are for.

Well, I'm just in time, I'm in the middle of the street and I do not know where I have to go now. I'm in a neighborhood I do not know well. My instinct is to open Google Maps. I draw Nokia praying for Google Maps to work. Nope.

Fortunately it was close to the place I had to reach. The good thing was another day. I found myself in the same situation of not knowing how to get to a place where I had been (and yes, you realize when you are already on the subway). I asked several people and following their indications I ended up lost and it took me half an hour to find me. Yay!

From day four I began to look at the routes before leaving home. Lesson learned.

I like to take photographs

I'm typical if you see a beautiful sunset, take the mobile and take a photo. Or as something rich, photo. Or if I go to a concert, photo and also video. I will save myself to share more examples because they do not contribute more to those that I put in the contact, but this Nokia made me want to take pictures. For what? I can not share them and they do not serve as souvenirs because they do not look good.

Well, it's okay, I'll go into Instagram to see photos of the people I follow and kill the bug. I can even upload a photo made with the Nokia to make the grace. Please, let Instagram work. All right!

Guille and Onion made me very happy despite the sad quality of the image. The joy did not last long. Can not upload images to Instagram from the mobile :(

Are you sure that WhatsApp is not going?

Insurance. Have you tried the web version? Also, and nothing. The most you'll get is access to ... this:

Well, no problem. With Telegram Web there will be more luck. No. It's true that it loads and even lets you set the prefix number, but there is no way to enter your phone number to continue. Also, that padlock on the top right can not be good:

What you said, or you communicate by calls, SMS or a slow and desperate Facebook Messenger.

Finding the meaning to this

Let us not deceive ourselves. It did not take seven days with the Nokia 3310 to know that it is not a smartphone and that, therefore, nobody can pretend to make use of it as if it were. I do not think there is any doubt about that. However, this time with him has served me to better appreciate possible uses that can be adapted to different types of users.

For example. The weekend came and I went to the countryside to rest and disconnect. No pressure on notifications and that evening I would have rushed to photograph with my smartphone I enjoyed it as something more genuine. For me. This Nokia 3310 definitely gives you more time for you. If there was an emergency or someone needed something from me, I would call it safe

Another example. I went to a concert and, for the first time in a long time, I entered the mass of people jumping without fear of being lost or I break the screen of the smartphone. And not because this new Nokia is as tough as that of 17 years ago (we will test anyway to check it), but because deep down it does not hurt so much that it breaks or lose a mobile of 59 euros. I think it is ideal for when you go from music festival, to the beach or even if you work in professions that can put your terminal at risk (like construction).

Another plus point is the battery. Seven days have passed and I have not had to carry it. And I assure you that I've talked on the phone, played (a lot) Snake and his other games, listened to music, tried to fail to surf the Internet and made some photo than another.

And for older people, what about? I would not recommend it a priori. The user experience in general is very much improved. Since it is not easy to remove neither the casing nor the battery, going through that does not matter the contacts of your SIM until you can not modify at pleasure the size of the letter and menu (the options are very limited and insufficient), I think that an older person would not adapt well to this Nokia 3310.

In conclusion: yes, it is a marketing maneuver, but it makes sense for depending on what cases. If you have identified with any of the ones we have exposed, go for it head-on. If even assuming you have some logic for certain people still seems like a nonsense, then it is clear that it is not for you.

I will stay with him for when I need to disconnect or when I go to a music festival.

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