Good news if you ran out of NES Classic: Nintendo will resell it in 2018 and expand the units of SNES

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/23/2017 10:30:00 PM
netindo nes classic 2018

That retro strip is clear, but still the Great N fell short with the two heavyweight units of its historic catalog of consoles. The demand seems to have surpassed expectations, and to meet Nintendo will expand the sales period of the Super NES Classic Edition and re-sell the NES Classic.

The NES Classic is a success in sales but was discontinued despite this a few months ago. For its part, the Super NES Classic Edition reserve began this summer but also sold out in a short time. And it seems that the Japanese have decided to please those who ran out of one of them, as well as getting more juice out of these two demanded products.

They explain from Nintendo in a statement that they will extend both the sales period and units of the Super NES Classic Edition due to an "incredible demand", so that they will continue to ship in 2018. In addition, they point out that there will be more units available from SNES that of those that had of NES Classic, mending a stock that was left quite short.

The other news is just in reference to the NES Classic, which will be on sale the summer of 2018, including 30 classic titles such as 'Super Mario Bros', 'Donkey Kong' and 'The Legend of Zelda'. The SNES Classic for its part will also include 21 classic games, among which are titles like 'Super Mario World'.

Iran will inform with more details of both launch onwards. At the moment we know that the shipments of the Super NES Classic Edition will start this September 29 and that has a price of 79.99 dollars, will miss seeing when will start exactly those of the NES Classic as well as its period of reservation (already next year).

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