Meizu M6 comparative: this is the face of the most affordable entry range

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/20/2017 10:54:00 PM
Meizu M6 comparative

Meizu is a manufacturer that, from time to time, makes us a visit with some of its most remarkable devices, either by specifications or by its price content. Yesterday they introduced the Meizu M6, a smartphone that is placed in the entry range and which is a slight evolution of the company M5.

The low range is a good economic base, since it supposes the majority of sales for the manufacturers, so it is increasingly important to offer something that, for a reduced price, is interesting for the users. That said, let's see how the Meizu M6 is ahead of its competitors in the entry range.

Premium design as the main weapon

Meizu M6

It is becoming more frequent to see that the highlight of a low-end phone is the premium design, especially in Chinese brands, where it is easy to see an elegant design at a low price. In the case of the Meizu M6 we could be facing the same case, as we see a phone with a metallic chassis and an attractive appearance.

Despite the appeal of the Meizu M6, it is not difficult to see a similar design in other brands (it is also true that being original is increasingly difficult). However, there is a clear differentiation from the Meizu M5, its natural predecessor, whose material used was plastic. If we compared these two phones, distinguishing them would be very simple.

As can be seen in the photos, there is no trace of the borderless design that can be seen within the high range, although in this case there are not too many complaints about bevels (perhaps the lower one could be reduced a few millimeters to fit more to the physical button that is under the screen).

As usual with many aluminum mobiles, the color can add or subtract attractive to this Meizu M6 (here already depends on tastes). In the case of the blue, if it is seen live as in the photo, it can attract enough glances by the showy that results. In short, we have a mobile whose design is not original, but has a good physical appearance.

This is the face of competition

Meizu M6 comparative

When we talk about the low range, the price difference between the mobiles is not very high (except for some exceptions), so the differentiating aspect may be in some details of the specifications, in the design or in the software. The Meizu M6, if you look at the technical characteristics, does not stand out against its rivals.

We have a fairly standard hardware, such as HD resolution or 2GB of RAM. In the processor, however, we do see some differentiation when betting on the Helio P10 instead of the typical MT6737. Beyond this, the specifications are in line with those of their rivals. In the following table you will be able to see all the specifications of the seven mobiles so that you can compare them easily.

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