This is what happens when Kalashnikov (the AK-47) thinks of motorcycles: flying, electric and with 16 rotors

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/29/2017 04:28:00 PM
Kalashnikov flying motorcycles

The concept of flying motorbike has been around for many years around engineers, technology companies such as Scorpion, BMW car makers and private inventors. Being able to get on a motorcycle without wheels but with the ability to transport us to our destination in a much faster and more exciting way is something like the panacea of ​​recreational motorcycling, but also a focus of interest for the military industry.

Precisely, one of the leading manufacturers of military equipment and armament has gotten into the race for the first flying motorcycle. Kalashnikov, the Russian company responsible for one of the most popular (and deadly) assault rifles on the planet as the AK-47, has bet on this concept and recently released a video in which you can see his creature fly by first time.

A super-dron of 16 propellers

Kalashnikov is protected within the Rostec group and under an unknown but very large investment of money, according to the statement Sofia Ivanova (responsible for communication of Rostec): "Right now the vehicle is in the testing phase, but soon we will show how this machine works at full capacity. "

Consisting of a battery pack and electronics in the center on which the pilot rises in a kind of saddle, a metal structure as light as possible and a total of 16 electric motors with their respective propellers counterrotating to ensure the stability of the As a whole, the spawn was able to lift the flight and to stay in the air successfully during the first tests attended by Serguei Chemezov, Rostec's manager.

By air yes, but also by land

Parallel to and under the protection of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Kalashnikov is carrying out the development of a new concept of electric motorcycle that will be divided into different variants to adapt to different (in principle) military uses where autonomy and ability to move silently and quickly are crucial.

The first two-wheeled electric prototypes devised by Kalashnikov have been shown in the Army-2017. Two versions, one military and another police officer with different equipment and capabilities which in turn will be the basis for a third product as silent. These models are designed to perform searches, reconnaissance or rapid assault, taking advantage of their ability not to be detected.

The high mobility of this type of Enduro motorcycle makes them able to pass through complicated terrain (although not too much because we assume a rather high weight) with a total autonomy of up to 100 km and a top speed of 80 km / h.

Cladimir Dmitriev, deputy director of Kalashnikov, said in his presentation that "the police model will be tested in Moscow later this month, but we can cover any need like an infrared headlamp that will make it even more undetectable even at night"

Is the future of motorcycles in the air?

Kalashnikov flying motorcycles

Through our pages have passed some frogs capable of flying with more or less fortune, but there is no doubt that the original concept that many thought could be a flying motorcycle is already quite little. The latest designs that we have seen more or less repeated approach something much more similar to a dron come to more on which a pilot is placed bypassing the increasing number of blades.

In the future, when these types of vehicles overcome all their technical obstacles, one of the biggest challenges will be to offer sets with a minimum of safety. When there is no contact with the ground, there is no braking ability, but a quick orientation change, its mobility capacity is different from conventional and its rotors more or less unprotected, it is almost impossible to think of a typical route. The infrastructure is not ready for these gadgets.

The ability to rise and reach infarct velocities, as well as the total absence of protection, make safety a step too high to overcome. The same rung that can have the materialization each day closer to a jet pack.

On the other hand and thinking about a future in which this type of single-person manned aircraft can transcend military use and move to civilian life, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which we can take one of these devices out of the garage and take off without further . The relevant pilot license should first be acquired and, in addition, be able to take off and land only from authorized locations and do so in an authorized manner.

The future is electric, and now perhaps also flying. We do not know if it is more insanity normatively or as far as security, but in any case these pots seem really interesting to pilot

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