Golden State Warriors of Counter Strike

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/23/2017 10:41:00 PM
Golden State Warriors of Counter Strike

"They're the hardest team in the league to defend," said Gregg Popovic of Golden State Warriors. The Stephen Curry Dynasty and NBA company has earned the respect of all its rivals and has left its mark in the history of the basketball by something more than to break the record of Bulls of Jordan of 96 of 72 victories in one regular season or to complete a playoffs of dream this year with only one defeat in 17 games.
If anything there is to say about these Golden State Warriors is that they understand basketball in a completely different way from the rest. The easy thing is to say that they have great triplistas and that they are limited to throw like stripped ones, but it is necessary to have wide of sights and to know to see in its game a revolution in its sport similar to the one that brought Guardiola to the world-wide soccer through the touch and the possession.

Steve Kerr's disciples understand that modern basketball needs five total players. Whether you are base, escort or pivot, you have to master the triple threat: shooting, boat and pass. The wingspan is a quality to take advantage of but not a limitation to play away from the hoop. All players of the rotation are able to score triple, the deadliest in basketball as it is the simplest way to add the most points.

And what is the deadliest thing in Counter Strike: Global Offensive? The AWP, which kills with a shot. It is the same philosophy that follows Golden State Warriors with its idyll with the triple. SK Gaming Brazilians, recent champions of the ESL One of Cologne, have proved to be the most formidable team on the planet and the number one candidate to win the Grand Slam thanks to a sniper rifle mastery that transcends their AWP Gabriel "Fallen" Toledo in the same way as the triple in GSW is more than Stephen Curry.

Most teams in the scene have a player called to use the AWP whenever possible. In certain maps and situations it is ideal to play a setup of double sniper, so the clubs usually have a second player who dominates that weapon. In SK we would talk about Marcelo "Coldzera" David, who has won 15.93% of his murders as a professional with the AWP against 55.83% of Fallen. The theme is that for some time now it is not uncommon to see Epitacio "Taco" de Melo perform with the sniper, as demonstrated by the 25th round of the second map between the Brazilians and FaZe Clan in the semifinals of the ESL One in Cologne. After winning that round, the ability and flexibility of the team to use the AWP allows Taco to pass the weapon to Coldzera who has a better position on the map to cross a vital area in Cache.

In addition a recent change in the competitive game in the face of the extensions made it possible to observe something that on the part of another equipment that was not SK Gaming would be considered a temerity. The $ 10,000 overtime has been replaced by 16,000 in a move to stop harming both the anti-terrorists who lacked that money, in addition to adding spectacle by reducing the "echo" rounds.

SK Gaming saw the opportunity and pulled out a triple AWP composition. Fallen, Coldzera and Taco held that weapon at the start of round 32 of the overtime against Nikola's team "NiKo" Kovac. Result? Victory for the Brazilians in that scenario and Taco, in theory less ducho in the matter, MVP of the round. It is not talent, that too, is to go one step ahead of others and understand the game in a unique way.

They are the maximum favorites for the PGL Major of Krakow that begins in a few days and it is better to follow closely their game because perhaps in each of their rounds in the Polish event you can savor a bit of the future of Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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