New data on the Ataribox: AMD chip, Linux system and compatibility with PC games

By:   Fedora Atjeh Fedora Atjeh   |   9/27/2017 06:13:00 PM
Ataribox AMD chip

At last we started to have new data about your expected Ataribox. After Atari unveiled its external appearance in July, VentureBeat has exclusively obtained the first data on the specifications of the console and its price. The console will use Linux and AMD chips, and will cost between $ 250 and $ 300.

In an exclusive interview, the creator of Feargal Mac Conuladh has advanced that Atari will start a crowdfunding campaign to fund it in Indiegogo this fall, and that the device launch will be made during the spring of next year.

The idea of ​​the project is to pull nostalgia for buyers to acquire, which is why the console will have a catalog of classic games. But they also want it to be able to move more current games that do not require much power and that their users may want to play, such as Minecraft or Terraria.

In fact, Feargal Mac Conuladh, CEO of Gameband who has joined Atari exclusively for this project, says that the idea of ​​creating this console came when he saw several children connect their laptops to the TV to play Minecraft and other software that then they were not available on consoles.

According to Conuladh told VentureBeat, the Ataribox will have a custom AMD processor with Radeon graphics. It will also use a Linux operating system, which will use a custom interface for them to adapt to be used on televisions.

In the console you can install PC games, being able to move the same titles as a current mid-range computer, which will not include the Tripe-A that need high-performance performance. In addition to that, the Ataribox will also allow you to stream, run applications, surf the Internet or play music.

Atari will also remain open to feedback from fans and console users, especially in terms of content, colors, special editions and some design options. Even so, the general lines of this design have already been decided, and we could see a few months ago that will follow the lines marked by older consoles like the Atari 2600 of 1977.

The crowdfunding campaign will also be conducted with the intention of having more international support and hardware companies. On the other hand, Mac Conuladh has been committed to offer freedom for the user, and hence will be decant by a Linux operating system in which the user will have access to the system to modify it at will.

And these are for the moment all the data that have been revealed. Now it will be a few weeks until the launch of the Indiegogo campaign this fall, at which point we should finally know all the specifications and details of the console, as well as the prices of the different packs that you want to market at the beginning.

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